When available, members are listed alongside their website, Amazon Author page, and most recent release.

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  • Deena Adams :: The Advocate’s Pen Visit Website
  • c. joy allen :: to see joy Visit Website
  • Jan Allen



  • Susan Baggott
  • Mary Beasley
  • Lauralee Bliss
  • Johnese Burtram :: heartplaces Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Whispers: A Compilation :: A compilation of articles and stories from members and friends of the Northern Virginia Christian Writers Fellowship.
  • K. Dawn Byrd Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Amazing Love: A novel of love, hope and redemption :: A modern-day retelling of the story of Hosea and Gomer.
  • Theodore Bull



  • Mirachelle Canada Follow on Twitter
  • Michele Chynoweth Visit Website Available on Amazon
    The Jealous Son :: A contemporary murder mystery based on the story of Cain and Abel
  • Kathy Copen



  • Mary Beth Dahl
  • Cecelia Dowdy Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Bittersweet Dreams :: The Candy Beach Series, Book 3



  • Jan Elder Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Moosed the Boat :: Moose Creek Book 4
  • Merita Atherly Engen :: Penpoints of Light Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Garden Surrender, Meditations :: A devotional based on the author’s experiences with gardening
  • Amy Evans



  • Kelly Goshorn :: Inspirational Stories of Love, Faith & Family Set in 19th Century America Visit Website Available on Amazon
    A Love Restored :: With pert opinions and a less-than-perfect figure, Ruth Ann Sutton doesn’t measure up to Society’s vision of a perfect lady.

  • Heather Gray Available on Amazon
    Skye, Rainbow Falls Book 1 :: Rainbow Falls…where life is lived in full color.
  • Pam Green :: Anybody can grow ~ in grace. Visit Website Available on Amazon
    The Restoration, Sully Parkway Book 3 :: Assistant Principal Michael Lansdowne lives by the book—or his own version of it—and makes everyone miserable in the process.



  • Debb Hackett :: faith, hope & love Visit Website
  • Sarah Hamaker :: The Romantic Side of Suspense Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Dangerous Christmas Memories :: Love Inspired Suspence
  • Amy L. Harden Follow on Facebook
  • Stephen Hiemstra :: To Deuteron Pneuma – The Second Wind Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Living in Christ: Character, Community, and Leadership :: Christian Spirituality, Book 5
  • Jennifer Hinders
  • Sharon Hoover Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Mapping Church Missions: A Compass for Ministry Strategy
  • Mayfred J. Hughes (Tamara Nall Ezeanii) Visit Website
  • Elizabeth Hull :: Strong Women ~ Deep Faith ~ Light Seeds Visit Website
  • Nina Hundley :: Born For Blue Skies Visit Website



  • Catherine Kowalewski



  • Megan Whitson Lee Available on Amazon
    Suburban Dangers :: This is the story of what happens when parents look the other way, when a stranger offers more affection than a father and when God’s deliverance is the only answer.
  • Susan Lyttek :: Tales of Fantasy, Mystery and Adventure Under the Influence of Christian Homeschooling Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Guzzy Goofball and the Homeschool Play from Outer Space :: When Guzman Guferntible, aka 10-year-old Guzzy Goofball, finds himself drafted into the role of Prince Charming in a summer production of Sleeping Beauty, he longs to avoid any major blunders.



  • Regina Mangum
  • Zoe M. McCarthy :: Distraction to Attraction, Magnetic Romances Between Opposites Visit Website Available on Amazon
    The Irresistible Woman in a Blue Dress :: Twisty Creek Book 3
  • Jacinta Meredith
  • Mary Moore Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Accidental Fiancee :: Love Inspired Historical



  • Tamara Nall
  • Sarah Norkus Follow on Facebook Available on Amazon
    Broken Together :: Bella is spiraling down a dark tunnel of despair since seeing her husband, Daniel, kissing another woman.



  • Tawn O’Connor



  • Carrie Fancett Pagels Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Mercy in a Red Cloak :: Famed colonial scout, Shadrach Clark, is sought out in the Straits of Mackinac, when he has gone missing. His dear friend, Mercy, whose circuit-rider father is also missing, joins in the search.
  • Tami Parris
  • Pamela Peters
  • Colby Phillips
  • Donalyn Powell
  • Danielle Preston



  • Melissa Rice



  • Bryan Sandow
  • Toni Shiloh :: Soulfully Romantic Visit Website Available on Amazon
    The Price of Dreams :: Faith & Fortune, Book 3
  • Sally Shupe Follow on Facebook
  • Angela Beach Silverthorne Follow on Facebook
  • Anne Marie Stewart Visit Website



  • Carole Towriss Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Sold into Freedom :: Planting Faith, Book 1



  • Erin Unger :: Writer of Killer Romance Visit Website Available on Amazon
    Summer Flash Burn :: A Worthington Investigations Romantic Suspense



  • Tracy Wainwright
  • Ann Westerman
  • Linda J. White :: White-knuckle Fiction Visit Website
  • David Winters :: Stories to Take You Higher Visit Website
  • Crystal Woodall



  • Audra Yebernetsky