Meet the ACFW Virginia 2019 Faculty — Sarah R. Turnquist

ACFW Virginia is pleased to introduce 2019 faulty member, Sara R. Turnquist.

Workshop Titles

Say What? Using Dialogue to Enhance Your Story

We’re Engaged! (With Our Readers)

About the Workshops

Say What? Using Dialogue to Enhance Your Story

Dialogue is one of the more essential parts of your novel. You can’t get around it…if you’re writing fiction, it’s pretty much vital. But what its primary purpose? And how can you best utilize it? Keep it from being clunky? Or assist you in delivering backstory in a way that is natural and flows with your story world? Learn all these tricks and more…and you’ll be more confident in writing impactful dialogue.

We’re Engaged! (With Our Readers)– co-taught with Hannah R. Conway

Readers are more than our audience, they are children of God who desire to connect with those who make them feel valued—and that happens to be us as writers. In this course we will learn ways to connect with our readers using today’s technology, discuss cost effective but meaningful gifts we can give, and explore a few old school methods of showing appreciation.

About Sara

I’m a coffee lovin’, word slinging, Historical Romance author who’s super power is converting caffeine into novels. I love those odd little tidbits of history that are stranger than fiction. That’s what inspires me. Well, that and a good love story.

But of all the love stories I know, mine is my favorite. I live happily with my own Prince Charming and our gaggle of minions. Three to be exact. They sure know how to distract a writer! But, alas, the stories must be written, even if it must happen in the wee hours of the morning. Happy Reading!

5 Fast Facts

  • I worked for the Disney Company for 15 years.
  • I can unwrap a Starburst in my mouth in under 20 seconds.
  • I have hiked to the Polish border from a Czech village – 6 hours to get to the top of that mountain where the border was! (I am NOT athletic).
  •  I love to paint
  • I learned to read music before I learned to read words.

You can connect with Sara on Facebook, Twitter, and on her Amazon Author Page or website.


The 2019 ACFW Virginia Writer’s Conference will be held on November 9, 2019, at Purcellville Baptist Church in Purcellville, Virginia. Click here to learn more about the conference or to register.

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