Fall as a Season of Life by Megan Whitson Lee

Fall is my favorite time of year.
First of all, ten years ago this month my husband and I got married. It was 65 degrees that day and it was an outdoor wedding, but we were surrounded by changing leaves, Tennessee mountain sunsets, and warmth of family and friends.
A second reason I love the fall is the weather. I really do love the foggy, gloomy atmosphere created by damp, cooler temperatures. It’s my favorite time of year in which to write. There’s something about the setting that increases inspiration.
Finally, fall correlates to the timeline of life. I am in the autumn of my years—middle age, seasoned. There’s something refreshing about the acceptance and embrace of that fact. Although there may be times when I long for the taut, fresh
complexion of youth, I understand that the wisdom I have now comes from my current season. I could not go back to the spring of my years and have the understanding of hardships, trials, and grief that I have now—nor would I wish to relive those times.
God made our years to reflect the changing leaves on the trees. He made each season to be fleeting, lest we take anything for granted. I am thankful for the pains that came in the summer and spring of my life, so that I might truly appreciate the autumn and look forward to the winter. I see no reason to mourn the flowers and leaves, for even the winter is a time of expectation—just as the winter of our lives should be lived in anticipation of our rebirth after death. Soon the snow and ice will melt away revealing new earth and new life.
How do you feel about your current season?

MeganLeeMegan Whitson Lee is passionate about tough, relevant topics that leave room for the redemptive power of God. Her self-published novel, Captives, was the winner of the 2016 Blue Ridge Mountain Writers Conference Director’s Choice Award and a Selah Award finalist. Her most recent women’s contemporary novel, Suburban Dangers, has been contracted by Pelican Book Group. Currently, she is an editor for Pelican and teaches high school English in Virginia where she lives with her husband and two greyhounds.

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