A Well-Rounded Plan for 2016 by Ann Westerman

I enjoy hearing about the plans people make in the new year. I’m curious about how our Father is leading others in balancing their lives, in finding out how the spiritual, the physical, the household, the friends, the family, the call on our lives to write all fits together in a balanced whole. This is my plan for 2016.

bible-1089968_1920The Spiritual comes first: John Baillie’s book of Daily Prayer sits on my bedside table. I read the morning prayer when I get up and the evening prayer when I settle down at night, and then write a three sentence thank you prayer and a three sentence supplication prayer in my journal. After the prayer I read the Bible. I use a Bible reading plan that I learned from Judy Reamer, conference leader, “How to Break the Bible Barrier.” I read eleven pages a day. I plan to get as much of God’s Word in my head and heart as I can. I read the Bible before the paper, the email, the text. This year, a friend has joined me in this reading adventure, and we are sharing the things that “pop out” at us.

Next is the physical. I have joined an online exercise group called Boot Camp Hub for weight loss and exercise. This group is immensely encouraging and helpful.

Then the writing: at the moment 1200 words a day till I finish the current novel and revision of the novel I finished two years ago-I am attending an online revision class for this run by Holly Lisle. Plus, I am learning to market.

I have discovered that when I complete the spiritual, the physical, and the writing, all the other things fall into place.

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