Organization by Jerry Eicher

“The hour arrived–and it became a wandering mass of shapeless flame, A pathless comet, and a curse, the menace of the universe…” –Manfred

bindung-610196_1920Everyone must be organized. I don’t think there is much disagreement there, even if you take the position that disorganization is its own organization. You need enough organization to achieve an acceptable level of productivity. Because that’s what we all want: fulfillment, reaching goals, achieving things, being happy, that sort of thing.

Some people are born with a natural sense of order and organization. Such people wake up in the morning and place their feet on the same spot of the floor each day. Which is good? Right?

Not necessarily. Some people are too organized. I am too organized. I find it is, after-all, the simplest way to live. You run the road once, and the second time is easier. Why shouldn’t the third time be even better? And there we go. Organization. Doing the same thing over and over again.

Don’t believe me. Try it. It’s not that complicated. The sun comes up each day and it sets at its appointed hour. No deviations of even a few seconds. The stars come out whether there are clouds or not. The rain falls from above, the same as always. Droplets don’t rise from the ground. That’s how it goes. The holy grail of organization is nothing more than the mundane that walks the same path at the same time of the day, for each day after each day.

Which is why I think most people avoid organization like the plague. They feel like the humdrum must be broken. Like new vistas must be seen. Fresh air must be breathed. But this is not the path to productivity. True production comes from the grinding out of the daily bread, the turning of the wheel of time at a steady pace.

I wish, like many of you, that the world was a random chaos of beauty and light-that the mundane was not necessary. Only, I really don’t and neither do you. Each breath we take is as the one that came before. The Lord help you if it isn’t. Each day the sun shines again. If it doesn’t, well…you get the point.

So how do you become organized? The first lesson, I believe, is to love order. Draw close to God and feel the eternal, everlasting ways that gave birth to order. And if you end up kneeling in front of the altar of organization instead of the Lord, get up and move on. Try something new. The same order will await you there. Tomorrow is another day where you will breathe in again and take another step. In the presence of the Lord we have the unchanging and the changing all blended together into a beautiful whole.

That’s organization, and blessed is the one who knows the secret. Embrace the ways of God, but kneel only before the Almighty.

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