Christian Writer’s Conference spotlight: Lynellen Perry

ACFW Virginia is hosting a one-day Christian writer’s conference in Woodbridge, Virginia, on July 25, 2015.

Early bird registration is open now!  Get more information here:

Today we spotlight one of the workshop presenters:

Lynellen Perry

Lynellen Perry’s education is in Math and Computer Science, with a BS, MS, and PhD. But she has been an editor and non-fiction author for more than 20 years. She is the President of Chalfont House Publishing, a traditional royalty-paying non-fiction house with fiction imprint called HopeSprings Books. HopeSprings Books is looking for story lines that address a hard topic in a central way. We want to see characters learn, grow and develop their faith into a relevant and vibrant expression of Christianity. We want characters who struggle, who are dealing with tough situations… people just like you. Whether these stories are embedded in the genre of romance, mystery, science fiction, or whatever, the central theme is characters who find redemption and hope.

Email Newsletters: Opt-in email newsletters are a vital part of an author’s platform. With Facebook posts being shown to a smaller and smaller percentage of people who “Like” your page, and the limited content size of Twitter, email newsletters can be more effective at pushing information to your audience. This workshop will compare two of the most popular newsletter services (Mailchimp and Constant Contact), and define the essential components of a newsletter.

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